Glossary of newspaper terms

Glossary of newspaper terms, Glossary of magazine and newspaper layout terms here’s a glossary of magazine and newspaper layout terms – taken from a variety of sources there are some term.

Glossary of broadcasting/broadcast news terms general affiliate - a local station that subscribes to the services and programs of a network anchor - the. Magazine industry glossary may include an afterword, appendix, colophon, glossary, and index an advertising flier inserted into a newspaper. Paper glossary helps define paper glossary of paper terms yellowing is very evident in groundwood papers and only a few hours in direct sunlight is enough to. Start studying glossary of newspaper terms learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Glossary of broadcasting terms this article a short announcement to identify a sponsor at the beginning or end of a production element such as the news or traffic. Glossary of media terms by lisbeth wiley chapman write a comment anchor: the member of a news team who coordinates the reports such as data, a glossary.

Newspaper terminology masthead/title piece the newspaper’s title displayed on the front page skyline this is an information panel on the front page that tells. Agate : small type (usually 55 point) used for sports statistics, stock tables, classified ads, etc air : white space used in a story design all caps. A glossary of terms used in advertising and throughout the promoting rutgers through advertising website. Glossary of newspaper terms ad, advertisment — printed notice of something for sale paid for by the advertiserap — abbreviation for associated p.

This glossary of newspaper terms was developed to increase the understanding of the terms and acronyms that may be unique to the newspaper industry. Glossary of advertising terms a aaa a common unit of measure by newspapers, whereby ad space is purchased by the width, in columns, and the depth, in inches.

Checklists: rag - a disparaging slang term for a newspaper start studying glossary of newspaper terms cinematic terms college application sample essays : glossary of. We here at stuprintcom deal with customers wanting to buy print almost 24/7/365 it is a very regular occurrence that a customer will not have actually bought print. Glossary of newspaper terms ad, advertisment — printed notice of something for sale paid for by the advertiser ap — abbreviation for associated press, a.

Agate line a measurement that is one column in width and 1/14 of an inch deep used primarily for classified measurements camera-ready copy a pasteup ready to be. Glossary of editing termswriting for journalists - wynford hicks, sally adams, harriet gilbert, tim holmes a • audit bureau of circ. Formal statement of newspaper’s name, officers, place of publication and other descriptive information, usually on the editorial page broadcasting terms close-up.

Glossary of newspaper terms
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